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A country that does not care about its generation does not care about its future.

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ROG was necessitated by the suffering of women and children

Root of Generations (ROG) was conceived in 2010, by a young South Sudanese woman whose dream and passion of becoming the first female pilot in post-independent South Sudan was cut short because she is a “woman” . Operating in a freelance capacity for nearly six (6) years, ROG was officially registered by the Ministry of Justice in the Republic of South Sudan in 2016.

During the same year, ROG was registered by South Sudan Relief and Rehabilitation Commission (SSRC), becoming a National Organization (NGO), with registration number 1358. ROG has been assigned its Tax Identification Number (TIN) 100343-541, by the Directorate of Taxation at the national Ministry of Finance and Planning. The organization is governed by its bylaws and internal board policy.

ROG was necessitated by the suffering of women and children due to cultural intimidations and the past and current civil wars that South Sudan has witnessed. The wars had had negative impact on women and children. The victim and the suffering of the people of South Sudan is mostly much on women and children. This is seen in the massive displacement of women and children into the refugee’s settlements and internally displaced. Men too are affected since most of them are at the front line to defend their families and country. For this reason, they are killed, leaving the families helpless and vulnerable.

Gender inequality and its component: Gender Based Violent (GBV); rape; forced and early marriages; women denial of inheritance; lack of women voice in the societies; discrimination at work places; and window inheritance are very rampant issues.

More years of experience

The primary victims of war being women and children is a core issue that ROG intend to address in the immediate and long-term future. Cattle raiding have also contributed to lose of lives of many young men besides the civil wars. Tribal conflicts have much contributed to lose of lives of many especially in the villages and cattle keeping tribes.

Children born during these times have so many complications such as polio deformities, sexually transmitted diseases, loss of sight, etc. Women at reproductive age have undergone a lot of sufferings during delivery, some are infected by diseases, and others lose lives due to complications during birth. The new born are left behind helpless and most times fail to leave long. The husband goes on to remarry living the other children. The old, needy and vulnerable people have no one to take care of them. Young school going children are forced into marriages due to poverty from the parents, school is not considered important. Few of these girls undergo rape cases and gender discrimination due to gender inequality.

All in all, women and children are the most affected human beings in the country and this has inspired Root of Generations to come up with strategies of helping the women in South Sudan. Per Nelson Mandela,

“a country that does not care about its generation does not care about its future”
. The future of every nation depends on the strength of a woman, women are the roots of every generation.

Philosophy | Approach

ROG approach in addressing societal issues in the Republic of South Sudan is through identifying and addressing key components of human existence that bring about the generation as illustrated in the diagram:

Core values

ROG is guided by the following four core values in its work and day to day interaction with its beneficiaries and stakeholders;



Impact oriented

Respect for human


Our work would not be possible without the work of our dedicated Team.

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